Paddle Bike

$30.00 USD

Introducing a new way of enjoying cycling, exploring the aquatic world, and pedaling through the Caribbean sea at your own pace.

Inflatable Paddle Bike is designed and prepared to adapt your lifestyle, keep you healthy and in a good shape. 

Unforgettable paddle biking experience awaits!

What is it ?

A Paddle Bike is a bike frame without gears mounted on an Inflatable board ensuring stability, easy to use.
Minimum rider height of 1,50m (or 5 feet)

Equipment & requirements

Freedom & Safety, all at once

  • Trained Experts

    We are the only certified FliteSchool and Seabob Beach Center in the Caribbean and our team is formed by trained WaterSports experts.

  • Sustainable

    As we are aware of our endangered Caribbean environment, we make sure to take care of the wildlife and chose to use electric seatoys only.

  • Family Friendly

    Our services are designed to feel good for everyone. Feel free to contact us for groups inquiries.